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~ Saturday, June 9 ~


Maniac cancels summer tour with Foxy Shazam

"Dear friends, fans, and dwellers of East-Nowhere,
You have all been instrumental in supporting Maniac. In our own humble way, you have made us kings of the universe for the last 2 years. Unfortunately in this case, the money you have helped us raise can’t keep us on the road, and we have to bow out of our summer tour slots with Foxy Shazam. Thanks for everything— you guys have been the ones supporting us— you can’t support this one though, trust us. These dollar figures are pretty damn red, and it is beyond our methods to fund the next run, all things considered.
If you go to the show and we’re not on it, go have a cigarette during the band in our spot, and then watch the hell out of Foxy for us— they are incredible friends and performers, and we are bummed not to be there every night, watching along, in awe. 
With an unexpected free summer, Jake is going to return home to Sydney to finish a long-awaited new Numbers record, and we’re going to return to original form— writing the remainder of Sons of Summer via gchat, as we began this cross-continental project a couple years back. To be honest, it seems counter-intuitive, but the challenge of a Pacific Ocean between us is inspiring. Post-summer, when next we record, we will give you all the best Maniac music to date.
much much love, and thanks again to all of you, and especially our dear friends Foxy Shazam—

My brain hasn’t quite figured out how to respond to this yet, but my heart is aching.

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    and i cry because i just spent $80 on tickets
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    But…noooo. I…I wanted…noooooo.
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    My brain hasn’t quite figured out how to respond to this yet, but my heart is aching.
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    I’m so glad I got to see Foxy Shazam and Maniac on my birfdizzle :3
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