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Whiteness- a political, societal and institutional structure of racial hierarchy that generally puts white people at the top, whereas PoC are aligned in accordance to their intersectionality (class, race, skin color, gender identity, sexuality, etc).

Example- a lighter skinned non-denominational Latin@, although she is still lives on the bottom ranks of the kyriarchy, will have an easier time coasting through life than a dark skinned Black Muslimah.

White people- people who are white.

These two things don’t neccesarily have to live in unison. If you at anytime find yourself upset when people talk about whiteness, you’re conflating yourself with it and ultimately a piece in the puzzle of oppression. There’s no other reason to feel slighted by people who discuss their struggles living under a white supremacist society unless you’re harboring guilt or feel you’re exploiting your privilege.

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