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~ Friday, July 26 ~

Tumblr’s Drag Race play-along- Cycle 2, Mini challenge #7

For your mini challenge, we’re taking some inspiration from Leland Bobbe and a host of fierce queens that worked with him for our very own half-drag photo series. Please paint the side of your face that will show on the left side of the final photo (or just flip the photo later). The look requires only paint and hair and any accessories you may want to wear, but full drag is not required. Oh, and one more thing. We want you to write a paragraph for us explaining how your drag persona differs from your [non-drag] persona.

Rather than having a male side and a female side, I view myself as a blank canvas for characters and costumes (masculine, feminine, and otherwise) to be applied on top of. I agree with RuPaul in that “you’re born naked, and the rest is drag” because everything I wear feels like a costume to me, it’s just that some are more elaborate than others. My drag and my base self are really just different facets to the same person (one being more flamboyant, outgoing, and generally heightened than the other), which is why I decided to use a symmetrical outfit that was somewhat different on each side. (I know that doesn’t make sense in writing, so just look at the photos) I also used my natural hair because, well, it’s shaped like that for a reason! My drag persona is kind of like my muse and my moodboard, giving me a physical manifestation of all the creative ideas bouncing around in my head. Even before I had any inkling that drag was something I would be interested in or could try for myself, I would do little “dress up” photoshoots in my room in the middle of the night with wigs and wacky makeup and outfits as a way of expressing myself. In a way, I kind of feel like my drag is more of the true me than I am because of that. I don’t really like being photographed without any makeup on (even if it’s just the little bit I wear on a daily basis, not pictured here since I wanted a stark contrast) not because I feel ugly or unconfident without it but because I don’t really feel like myself, and drag is a way for me to show other people what’s going on inside my head!

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