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~ Sunday, March 9 ~

Now sissy that walk


Now sissy that walk

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~ Tuesday, September 24 ~

Left my webcam on while I was out of the room for a few minutes and came back to find these.

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~ Tuesday, September 17 ~


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~ Monday, September 9 ~

I’ll leave you for tonight with these, because for some reason taking silly photos after my makeup is melting and my outfit is half-disassembled is one of my favorite things. And these eyelashes are ridiculously long.

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~ Friday, August 9 ~

st0rmkeeper replied to your photo “Today’s outfit, Day 484 An old man randomly came up to me today and…”

You’re serving Jade Jolie first challenge realness in the bottom pic!

Fish honey, tuna on a platter!

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~ Friday, July 26 ~


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~ Sunday, July 7 ~

Tumblr’s Drag Race play-along- Cycle 2, Mini challenge #5

For your fifth mini challenge, you will need to style a wig fit for a 
goddess… a goddess of your choosing that is. Pick a topic for your goddess to specialize in (fire, flowers, feminine hygiene, etc.) and style a wig for her! 

In the submission, please include:

  • 2 photos of your styled wig on your head (one from the front and one from the back)
  • An explanation of your styling choices and how the wig relates to the goddess you chose (at least a paragraph long)

Since after all that talk no one actually did the goddess of “feminine hygiene”, I took it upon myself to fill that prompt! So, for this challenge I am channeling Goddess Hysteria, Bearer of the Wandering Uterus.
She thinks she’s really fun and likable with her bubblegum pink highly absorbent hair, maxi pad hairbow (with traditional blue liquid stain, since making it red would be inappropriate of course), and cute little birds (made of pad wrappers) flying around her head to show how fresh and cheerful a period can be, but anyone who gets anywhere near her can tell she’s actually just a gross obnoxious mess for period-havers everywhere, leaving a trail of blood and garbage in her wake wherever she goes. Couldn’t even be bothered to take all the “rollers” out of her hair before she left for work…

(P.S. I used a red marker to color the roots at the top and some streaks in the bangs and it refused to show up in the photos but I promise it looked really good in person. Also, enjoy my gross 2 minute makeup!)

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I feel like the finale of Mamma Mia or something…

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~ Thursday, June 27 ~


For some reason I really enjoy taking photos of my face when it’s half melted/disassembled? This is my TDR school supplies minichallenge, minus the school supplies (hence that mess that is my eyebrows)…it actually looks better without stuff stuck all over my face, I will note this for future makeups.

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